About us
About us

We would like to tell our story, our beginning in this project called Es Revellar Art Resort, a project full of illusion and whose beginning goes back 25 years. A long journey to reach what we are today but in constant evolution, we do not stop, we move forward. Every new season we open our doors with new things to grow and offer our clients, our friends, new art exhibitions, new spaces and services.

The art business has traditionally been controlled by the big auction houses, gallery owners, art critics, art authenticators and the artists who have left foundations and museums and therefore, being the art object of investors due to its high revaluations.

We are the 7th Art Resort in the world and we have emerged within a current in which art flees to nature to show itself in all its naturalness and splendour, outside the conventions of art as mere objects for financial investments. A place to exhibit and appreciate art in another way that museums and galleries have accustomed us to. A place where art and nature come together in probably the best artistic gardens in Mallorca, near the natural beach of Es Trenc; it is undoubtedly a Mediterranean paradise where you can enjoy a holiday of peace, tranquillity, nature, art and good food.

Our art galleries tell stories, stories from different periods, but all with a link, art within the history of mankind. That which unites us all, the origins and how we have evolved. From the prehistoric Nok culture of the Niger River basin to the great artists of the 20th century seen from an anthropological perspective, all perfectly described by Professor Estela Ocampo of the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. Our greatest interest in art lies in this perspective where nature is captured in the form of landscape art, therefore primitive or ethnic art, Land Art or landscape art, naive art even Romanesque art.

Thanks to 25 years of work but with a private collection for over 40 years, we have achieved the magnificent art exhibition of Es Revellar Art Resort, which touches, in addition to the above, Goya, impressionism, cubism and American abstract expressionism. Our aim is to share the fruits of our efforts with collectors and art lovers in our natural environment of Mallorca. We would like you to get to know us, to discover us, so we are going to start telling you a little bit more about us, telling you in small videos what we are hiding, to open up more to the world, to do our bit in the diffusion of art.